New plugin 'improves the sound quality of your headphones'

Could Headphone Vitalizer become a vital part of your monitoring setup?
Could Headphone Vitalizer become a vital part of your monitoring setup?

We've heard developers make some pretty bold claims about their plugins, but Sound Magic's boast that its Headphone Vitalizer can "greatly improve sound quality for your headphones" is certainly one of the most eye catching.

More specifically, the plugin is designed to simulate the experience of using speakers, leaving you with a more accurate set of cans for monitoring with.

Headphone Vitalizer is based on a frequency compensation system. The plugin features a database of information on more than 300 pairs of headphones from more than 20 manufacturers (the likes of Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic and more).

This database contains every pair's frequency and phase response data - the idea is that the plugin then "compensates the frequency loss to achieve a flat frequency response".

Sound Magic says that its new tool is designed for headphone geeks and mixing and mastering engineers. Its £420/$699/€599 price tag certainly suggests that it's not for casual listeners - you can find out more and make a purchase (there's no demo as far as we can tell) on the Sound Magic website. Headphone Vitalizer is offered as a Windows VST plugin.

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