New free VST synth could be the missing Lynx in your plugin folder

Lynx's oscillators can be stacked.
Lynx's oscillators can be stacked.

Xenobioz has given Windows users a heads-up by revealing that it has a new free VST synth on the way. Lynx is a subtractive instrument with a wave editor, drawable waveforms and stacked unison oscillators.

The company says that, despite a fairly limited set of features, Lynx is capable of creating a wide variety of sounds. It'll be available soon via the Xenobioz website.

Xenobioz Lynx features

  • 2 Drawable oscillators, each with up to 7 detunable voices for Unison
  • A Wave Editor with many manipulation functions like FM, Harmonics, Random wave generation, Noise Generation, Add, Multiply, Cycle Combination
  • Phase Distortion
  • 2 LFOs with Envelope and Step mode (Changes value only on new note)
  • 2 ADSRs with adjustable curves