NDVR Note midi keyboard promises 'game changing analog keys'

The NDVR Note Master Keyboard is a new MIDI keyboard controller set to be released as the end result of a current indiegogo-funded development project.

The headline feature of the controller - which is being offered in 25 and 49-key varieties - is a concept the developer calls Key Swing. The idea is that the unit's so-called Analog Keys respond depending on how deeply they are pressed, thanks to continuously functioning distance sensors.

As the developer puts it: "The crowning feature of the Note is its keys, and while the dimensions and playing feel are much like on other keyboards, it is the use of optical distance sensors that puts it light-years ahead of the competition.

"These sensors function continuously, smoothly determining the interval between the upward and downward movements of each key. This establishes a new polyphonic source that integrate seamlessly into your natural keyboard playing. It's like the Polyphonic Aftertouch concept, but taken far further by extending the range of values over the complete depth of a key."

Prices for the Note start at $235 for the 25 key version, and units are expected to ship in December of this year.

To read full details of the project, pre-order or support development, visit the indiegogo page.

Si Truss

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