NAMM 2015: Bitwig previews Bitwig Studio 1.2

Bitwig is giving you a taste of what's to come...
Bitwig is giving you a taste of what's to come...

NAMM 2015: Barely two months after it launched version 1.1 of its DAW, Bitwig is previewing the v1.2 update. This will add group tracks, new content browsing options, an update to Bitwig's library of content, and support for high-DPI and Retina displays.

Find out more in the press release below and on the Bitwig website. Bitwig Studio 1.2 will be available in beta to selected license holders in February, and additional features can be expected when the finished update is released.

Bitwig Studio 1.2 new feature highlights

Group Tracks

Consolidate and simplify your mix.

In our next major update you can dramatically improve the navigation of numerous tracks in every view of your project while consolidating the signal flow of multiple sources through a single Group Track. The feature introduces a new style of editing in the Arrange View called "Meta Clips." Meta Clips allow easy editing of clips from multiple tracks in group track timelines. Group Tracks also expand upon Bitwig Studio's Multi-out VST functionality, providing a convenient way to setup tracks for multi- timbral VST instruments, and useful functions to organize and consolidate your entire mix.

Audition Browser

Browse, Audition, Insert, Swap.

You created the part and now you need the proper sound, groove, or melody. To accelerate the browsing workflow, all devices in Bitwig Studio 1.2 feature an Audition icon. By clicking Audition, your entire catalog of sound becomes available. Browse, audition, swap and insert anything from presets and samples to full clips of sounds during playback. Whether or not in use, the Audition Browser can be hidden completely from view to save on precious screen real estate. Bitwig Studio's advanced browsing eliminates the boundaries between devices to offer a meta view of all available sounds in one category. Searching for the right bass? It doesn't matter if it's a Polysynth preset or a sample, you now have the freedom to audition all your content in place, on the fly, to find sounds quickly and to get back to what is most important, making music.

Factory Content Update

Demo songs, amazing presets, and all new sounds from Bitwig and some of the best sound designers on the planet.

The launch of Bitwig Studio introduced us to artists and producers around the world making the most of the devices included with Bitwig Studio. Since then, our Sound Team has been hard at work creating new standards that provide a fluid experience when navigating from one preset to the next. These standards were presented to several new partners to develop an extraordinary new addition of content and workflow to the Bitwig Studio Factory Library, sure to inspire music makers and sound designers everywhere. We are proud to introduce three new demo songs, over 500 fully-functional presets, and optimization of every preset in our Library with the help of Detunized, Mode Audio, Sample Magic, and Overclock Inc. as part of the Bitwig Studio 1.2 update.

Support for High-DPI and Retina Displays

Experience our next generation user interface in brilliant detail.

Bitwig Studio 1.2 is optimized for Macbook Retina and Windows High-DPI displays for a graphical user interface that is sharper than ever before.

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