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NAMM 2011: Teenage Engineering OP-1 shipping in eight weeks

The OP-1 annoucement we've been waiting for.
The OP-1 annoucement we've been waiting for.

NAMM 2011: We've spent so long anticipating Teenage Engineering's OP-1 mini synth/sampler/controller that another teaser at NAMM wasn't really going to cut it. Happily, though, the company has now started dealing in specifics, going on the record with a price and shipping date.

As for the former, the OP-1 will cost $799/€799, which is in line with the previous projection. The bigger news is that the device now has 'ready for production' status: manufacturing, assembly and shipping will take eight weeks.

Which means that in less than two months from now, the first people to order an OP-1 should have their units. Teenage Engineering says that supply will initially be limited - in fact, the website currently has a 'Sold Out' sticker on it - but you can request to be notified when more stock becomes available.