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NAMM 2010: Arturia announces Analog Experience hybrid synths

Analog Experience Laboratory ships with a 49-note keyboard.
Analog Experience Laboratory ships with a 49-note keyboard.

PRESS RELEASE: ARTURIA announces a series of three hybrid synthesizers: Analog Experience THE PLAYER, Analog Experience THE FACTORY and Analog Experience THE LABORATORY.

Analog Experience THE PLAYER (25 keys) is the smallest, most lightweight and simple version of the series. It features a compact MIDI keyboard controller and light version of Analog factory software giving a very easy-to-use and affordable package including the very best of Arturia's signature sounds and a dedicated quality keyboard perfect for the mobile musician.

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Analog Experience THE FACTORY (32 keys) (previously named "Analog Factory Experience") adds a dedicated keyboard to the Analog Factory software, allowing all sounds to be dramatically modified instantaneously and making this hybrid ensemble stand apart from any other.

Analog Experience THE LABORATORY (49 keys) is the professional grade version of the series. It features a top-notch MIDI keyboard controller and THE LABORATORY version of Analog software that has the same preset-based collection of sounds. This premium controller gives the fullest access to Analog Laboratory software with pre-assigned controls.

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