NAMM 2010: Ableton and Serato show The Bridge in video

The Bridge will be free for those who own Scratch ITCH and Live
The Bridge will be free for those who own Scratch/ITCH and Live.

Ableton and Serato's announcement of The Bridge - a software technology that brings the companies' Live and Scratch/ITCH applications together - has arguably raised more questions than it's provided answers.

How does it work? What will it enable you to do? Who's going to want to use it? It's hard to draw any firm conclusions at the moment because The Bridge is still in development (a release date hasn't yet been confirmed), but the official demo video below should give you an idea of what it's all about.

There's also a clip of the NAMM press conference, and another that features various DJing luminaries explaining how the new technology is going to change their world.