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Musikmesse 08: TC Electronic exhibits new hardware and software

TC's new Tap Factory delay in action at Frankfurt Musikmesse 08
TC's new Tap Factory delay in action at Frankfurt Musikmesse 08

TC Electronic is at Musikmesse 08 in Frankfurt exhibiting new tech products - both hardware and software.

First up is the Tap Factory Delay/Reverb plug-in for PowerCore. A multi-tap delay/early reflection effect, the Tap Factory is designed "to give a unique sound that is all the users own." There's 24 taps and nine seconds of delay on offer, as well as an innovative 'tap pad' which allows tapping-in off multi-tap patterns, which can then be quantised. Tap Factory ships in March 2008 and will cost EUR299. See an exclusive Tap Factory guided tour below.

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Next is TC Electronic's Desktop Konnekt 6: an all-in-one audio interface designed with monitoring in mind. It featuring two input channels (one XLR), multiple knobs and dials on the front panel and it's packaged with TC's M40 Studio Reverb, which also works along with a reverb dial on the interface to make it easier to set up and recording monitor mix. We've got a video run-through of the unit's features below.

There's also a limited Sonnox edition of TC Electronic's PowerCore X8 DSP system, which includes some extra plug-ins; again check out the video for details.

More information on the TC Electronic website.

By Chris Wickett