Musikmesse 08: Audiogram interfaces from Yamaha

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The Audiogram 6 is designed to sit on your desktop

The Audiogram 6 is designed to sit on your desktop.
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If you just want basic connectivity try the Audiogram 3

If you just want basic connectivity, try the Audiogram 3.
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The MM8 is an expanded version of the MM6

The MM8 is an expanded version of the MM6.

Following the launch of its MIDI controller keyboards at NAMM, Yamaha has set its sights on another computer music staple at Frankfurt. Audiogram 6 and 3 are both bus-powered USB audio interfaces, and each one ships with a copy of Steinberg´s Cubase AI.

The Audiogram 6 has the better specifications. It offers two XLR combo inputs with preamps (one of which offers phantom power) and a built-in compressor that´s controlled with a single knob. There are two further stereo inputs, stereo and headphone outputs and controls for the audio input and computer playback levels.

Audiogram 3 is a much simpler affair that sports just one XLR combo input, a stereo input and stereo/headphone outputs.

Set to ship in August 2008, the Audiogram interfaces will cost $200 and $140 respectively.

Yamaha also has a couple of synth products on show in Frankfurt: the MM8 and the Motif-Rack XS.

The former is very similar to the MM6 - it offers Motif sounds, quick edit knobs and real-time control - but has an 88-note graded hammer action keyboard. It´s yours for $1300.

The Motif-Rack XS, meanwhile, is a rack version of the Motif XS, and comes with 1,152 voices and 65 drum kits. It costs $1500.

You can find out more about all the products on the Yamaha website.