Mune controller lets you play electronic music with acoustic levels of expression

The Mune is the latest MIDI controller to promise to bring the expressiveness and sensitivity of an acoustic instrument to electronic musicians. Four years in the making, it'll be the subject of a Kickstarter campaign in August.

The brainchild of Scott Stevenson and Andrew Staniland, one of the duo's aims was to create a device that's visible to an audience while it's being played. Mune connects to your computer wirelessly over Bluetooth, and features 24 touch sensors and an accelerometer, as well as 84 LEDs that provide dynamic backlighting.

Designed for sequencing beats, playing melodies and chords and controlling effects, Mune will be supported by a range of compatible apps, and can also hook up to your regular MIDI-compatible music software. Mune's software will be open source.

Find out more on the Mune website. The Kickstarter campaign will kick off on 1 August.

Ben Rogerson

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