Mixvibes releases Cross DJ, "pro DJ app" for Android

A lot of people are going to be getting Android tablets and phones for Christmas this year, so it's with impeccable timing that Mixvibes has released Cross DJ, which it's describing as "the first pro DJ app" for Google's mobile operating system.

"Our users kept complaining that there was no decent DJ app on Android," says Mixvibes CEO Eric Guez. "So we started thinking: 'hey, why not bring our expertise in pro DJ software to this platform?'".

Boasting the same engine as Mixvibes' desktop software, Cross DJ offers automatic BPM detection and beatmatching, a Quantize mode that's designed to keep everything in time whatever DJing tricks you pull, and what's claimed to be "incredible low latency" performance. This is an intriguing claim given Android's poor record in this area, but Mixvibes claims that Cross DJ is responsive enough to support scratching.

The app is based on the standard 2-deck, crossfader and mixer setup, and also comes with 15 effects that can be used by swiping on pads. There are 16 hot cue pads, too.

Cross DJ can access all the music that's stored on your device (there are various sorting options) and you can record your mixes for posterity of publication.

The app is available now on the Google Play Store priced at £3.29.

Mixvibes Cross DJ features

Tech specs

  • Accurate BPM detection
  • Sync button: one­press, and the 2 tracks never go out of phase.
  • Manual pitch & pitch bend.
  • Set master down­beat, to make sure that your old tracks sync correctly.
  • Parallel waveforms mode to visually check if your tracks are synced.
  • New Quantize feature: hot cues and loops are automatically set on the beat.
  • Smart­seek: Tap on the waveform to fast­forward & get a seamless jump.
  • Low latency: music reacts instantly to your actions.
  • Extremely realistic scratch sound.
  • 15 effects (Bi­filter, Low­pass, Hi­Pass, Delay, Echo, Phaser, Flanger, Bliss, Brake, Roll, etc.)
  • No loading time when starting­up the app.
  • 2 turntables, crossfader, full­fledged 3­band EQ mixer.
  • Direct access to your music: mix your device's MP3s, AAC and more.
  • Sort your library by title, artist, album, BPM or length.
  • Large control pads: XY effect pad, 16 hot cues pads.
  • Auto loops (1/32 to 32 beats) and slip mode loops
  • HQ live recording of your mixes.
  • Optimized for display on 4", 7" & 10" devices.

Minimum configuration required

  • Android 4.1
  • Android 4.3 for recording
  • 4" screen
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Dual­core processor
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