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MGMT's Kids covered by iPhone Mentalists

The Mentalists: Mental, obviously.
The Mentalists: Mental, obviously.

These days, a good gimmick can get you a long way if you're a new band trying to break through, and The Mentalists' stunt is better than most.

They've recorded a cover of MGMT's Kids, but the twist is that all the instrumental parts are played on either the iPhone or iPod touch.

A range of music-making apps was used in the performance you can watch below: Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth and DigiDrummer Lite.

They've been used to good effect, too - there are a few timing issues (which is almost inevitable when you're trying to 'play' a tiny touchscreen) but the arrangement works pretty well.

When they're not making music on their iPhones, The Mentalists are actually a proper 4-piece band who play more conventional instruments (guitars, drums, bass and keyboards).

Time will tell whether or not they can find fame doing their day job, or if this is what they'll be remembered for.

(Via Synthtopia)