Martin Garrix's new studio is seductive but streamlined

Futon and pile of dirty washing just out of shot.
Futon and pile of dirty washing just out of shot.

In a move that demonstrates that his career is most definitely on the rise, Dutch production prodigy Martin Garrix has got himself a new studio.

Looking like some kind of digital aquarium (and, let's face it, the kind of bedroom that many a teenage producer would dream of inhabiting), what's striking is how little there is in the way of gear. As far as we can tell, only a laptop, audio interface and monitors have made it through the door. We can't even spot a MIDI controller.

Maybe the rest of the stuff is still on order, or perhaps Garrix just wants to keep things simple, as he did with his previous production setup.

Some serious thought has clearly gone into the creation of the room itself, though, which is the work of acclaimed studio designer Jan Morel. He was tasked with the job of treating it in the best way possible, and kitted it out with panels from Vicoustic Acoustic Products.

And Martin's verdict? "Extremely beautiful and great sounding!" so we're told. We still think he needs to buy himself a mouse, though.

Ben Rogerson

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