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Man makes his own Daft Punk helmet

Casey Pugh shows off his glowing helmet.
Casey Pugh shows off his glowing helmet.

We've seen various people try and create their own versions of Daft Punk's famous helmets, but Casey Pugh looks to have done a better job than most.

He's now posted a time-lapse video of him building the helmet on the internet (he wore it as a Halloween costume this year), and this shows just how much work went into it.

"It's a 16x5 LED matrix installed inside a cheap motorcycle helmet I found on Amazon," explains Casey. "I used the Arduino [open-source electronics prototyping platform] to program all the animations.

"The LEDs are on cardboard, so I punched holes between every single LED and some larger slits around the sides in order to see out."

Take a look at the video here.

(Via Synthtopia)