Man creates musical egg

Will something hatch if he sits on it?
Will something hatch if he sits on it?

MusicRadar has seen some odd musical trinkets in its time, but Craig Dorety's (aka komega) 1000 year egg has got to be one of the most curious.

Constructed from an antique paper Easter egg that belonged to his grandmother and designed to look like an ancient Chinese artefact, this oval instrument contains a white noise generator and an FM radio transmitter. On the outside are light-sensitive photo cells and two metal touchpoints that enable the 'player' to turn the white noise into proper tones.

There's also a laser-engraved box involved - it's probably best if you watch Craig's demo video in which he explains how everything works.

Although the egg can indeed be used to make sounds, we're not sure how musically useful they might be. Still, you get the feeling that producing a practical piece of hardware was never really the point…

(Via Create Digital Music)