Livid Instruments launches expansion controllers

Take your pick from three new Livid expansions
Take your pick from three new Livid expansions.

Following hard on the heels of the launch of Steinberg's CMC modular controllers, Livid Instruments has announced three XPC Expansion Controllers. These are a slightly different proposition in that they're designed as add-ons for your existing Livid Block or OhmRGB hardware, but they're similar in the sense that each offers a distinct set of control options.

The expansions in question are the 4K2JS, which offers four knobs and 2 XY joysticks; the 4K4F, which sports four 30mm faders; and the 8F, which has eight 30mm faders. They cost $129 each.

Each controller is built from formed anodized aluminium and plugs directly into your Block or OhmRGB's expansion port. They're available to buy now from the Livid Instruments website.

livid expansions

livid expansions