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Listening challenge: the results are in!

The Computer Music Reason Special is still on sale.
The Computer Music Reason Special is still on sale.

Last month, we challenged you to listen to two mixes of the same track, one made in Reason and the other in Pro Tools, and tell us which was which. Well, we can now reveal the result:

Track A - Reason
Track B - Pro Tools

The challenge was set by Computer Music Specials editor Andrea Robinson and, as she tells us, it sparked plenty of lively debate.

“Even some of Reason´s most loyal users have questioned whether it´s possible to produce a release quality track using this affordable software, but I think we´ve given a definitive answer to that particular question here. In fact, some listeners actually preferred our Reason mix. It just goes to show how far you can go with a relatively small budget and some learnable production skills.”

Thanks to everyone who listened and commented - let us know what you think of the result. We´ll have more listening challenges for you in the future.

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