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BLOG: Listening challenge - test your ears!

Reason 4 - The Unofficial Guide is on sale now.
Reason 4 - The Unofficial Guide is on sale now.

Can you tell the difference between a track mixed with a £300 bedroom recording setup and the same track mixed with a £20K plus pro setup? Let's find out.

Check out this tune we created in Reason 4, probably the world's most acclaimed all-in-one software studio. One version of our Austin Powers-meets-Timo Maas-style mash up was mixed in Reason. The other was mixed using the cream of professional DAWs, a high-end Pro Tools rig.

But which is which? And more importantly, which sounds best? Play the files below and tell us what you think!

To learn all about how to use Reason to produce pro-quality tracks, check out the latest Computer Music Special: Reason 4 - The Unofficial Guide.

See the Computer Music blog for more info.

Mix A

Mix B