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Large Hadron Rap: Particle physics hip-hop girl is star of YouTube

CERN: The new Public Enemy?
CERN: The new Public Enemy?

On 10 September 2008, scientists at the world's largest particle physics laboratory (CERN) will attempt to recreate the Big Bang. Some fear this could destroy the earth, while others hope that smashing atoms around a 17-mile-long underground tunnel will reveal all about "life, the universe and everything".

To calm the nerves of the irrational, one clever science writer at CERN - Kate McAlpine - has created the Large Hadron Rap, and become an unlikely star of YouTube in the process.

Miss McAlpine, or Alpinekat as she's known on the scene, likes to rap about complex scientific experiments in the hope of making them less complex. Imagine a female Will Smith changing the words of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Rap to fit the life of an atom inside the Large Hadron Collider, and you're getting close.

At the time of writing, the Large Hadron Rap has had more than 700k views. Next blog? Music to listen to while getting sucked into a black hole…