Korg DS-10 Plus coming to Nintendo DSi

The Korg DS 10 is about to get a rocket up its backside
The Korg DS-10 is about to get a rocket up its backside.

AQ Interactive's Korg DS-10 synth has had Nintendo DS owners creating music on their handhelds for almost a year now, and it's recently been revealed that a sequel is on the way for the DSi.

Korg DS-10 Plus is notable for 'doubling up' on its predecessor in several areas. Specifically, you get twice the number of analogue synths (four instead of two), twice the number of drum machines (eight instead of four) and twice the number of tracks in the step sequencer (12 instead of six).

Additionally, the song mode has been expanded to include programmable track mute and real-time editing.

AQ says that DS-10 Plus will be available through 'physical' retailers rather than just online, and reports suggests that it'll be around $10 cheaper than the original. A September release is looking likely.

You can find out more in the video below, as Nobuyoshi Sano lampoons it up with his best Steve Jobs Keynote impression.

(Via Create Digital Music)