Korg announces plans to revive the ARP Odyssey

A prototype image of Korg's revived ARP Odyssey
A prototype image of Korg's revived ARP Odyssey

Following on from the success of the reborn MS-20 and the Roland-baiting Volca series, Korg has announced plans to revive yet another classic analogue instrument.

This time it's the turn of the quirky and much-loved ARP Odyssey, which was originally released by American manufacturer ARP Instruments in 1971. The original Odyssey was a two-oscillator, duophonic subtractive synth that became one of the best selling synthesisers of the 1970s thanks to it's easily navigable, slider-packed control panel and character-filled sound.

Korg has confirmed that ARP Instruments co-founder and designer David Friend has joined the project to act as chief advisor. The company promises a faithful recreation of the synth, although we're hoping we may also get the addition of USB MIDI functionality similar to the reborn MS-20 mini.

Bearing in mind the impressive quality - and relative affordability - of both the Volcas and the MS-20 mini, we've high hopes for the project. Korg claims that the new ARP Odyssey is due to appear later in 2014, although no specific price, release or spec info has yet been released.

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