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Klevgrand introduces Jussi, the software singer who responds to your touch

Swedish developer Klevgrand is trying to break a new software singer known as Jussi. Available for iOS and desktop devices, this versatile vocalist promises to do everything from dreamy choir sounds to angry shouts.

Jussi's formants are controlled by velocity, so a gentle tap on your MIDI keyboard elicits a soft 'oo', and a harder one makes him go 'aa'. You can adjust the voice character, legato state and throat emulation on XY pads, and there's also a built-in reverb.

Find out more on the Klevgrand website. Jussi is available for iOS on the Apple App Store priced at £3.99/$4.99, and as a PC/Mac VST/AU plugin for $12.99. Both of these prices are introductory.