Kaossilator is the first Korg music making app for Android devices

Korg has released Kaossilator, its first Android music making app. Based on the iKaossilator that's been on iOS devices since 2011, this 'dynamic phrase synthesizer' is designed to enable you to make music simply by moving your finger across the touchscreen.

Using the XY interface, you can move your finger horizontally to control the pitch and vertically to adjust the sound itself. 150 sounds are included - both electronic and acoustic - enabling you to create music in a wide range of styles.

To ensure that things always sound 'right', you can choose to play in one of 35 scales, and you can also set the key. The loop sequencer, meanwhile, enables you to layer up to five parts (drums, bass, lead, chords and FX, for example), so you can create complete tracks or give live performances. You can create fills or breaks using the Flex Play feature.

It's possible to import an audio loop from elsewhere into each part of the sequencer and, once you've got a track you're happy with, you can export it as an audio file.

Kaossilator for Android is available now from Google Play, and is currently going for the discounted price of £7.99. Find out more on the Korg website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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