Justice: "we don't clear all our samples"

Justice: perfecting their "it wasn't us, honest" expressions.
Justice: perfecting their "it wasn't us, honest" expressions.

In a move that some might consider ill-advised, French dance duo Justice have revealed that many of the hundreds of samples they used on their debut album Cross weren't cleared.

Speaking to MTV, Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay confirmed what many fans have suspected for a while when they said: "we sample really small bits of things that nobody can recognise".

They continued: "If you listen to Genesis, the first track, there are samples of Slipknot, Queen and 50 Cent, but they are such short samples no one can recognise them. The ones from Slipknot, for example, are just tiny bits of the voice."

Whether these revelations will lead to lawyers for the sampled artists giving Justice HQ a call remains to be seen, but at least the boys made sure that the obviously lifted material was legit.

"On the album, we used three big samples that we had to clear," they confirmed.

Justice also revealed that they're working on a new album, but that it could be a while before we get to hear it.

"We're really slow at making music," they say.

(Via MTV)

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