Joué is the expressive MIDI controller that you can customise

We've seen expressive MIDI controllers before, and we've seen controllers that can be customised, but Joué looks like it could be an elegant marriage of both of these concepts.

Made from wood and built around a pressure-sensitive surface, it can be adapted to suit your needs by placing modules onto it. These modules can take the form piano keys, a guitar-style fretboard, drum pads or 3D control surfaces. It hooks up to your computer or mobile device over USB.

Joué enables you to apply the likes of vibrato and string bends as you're playing, giving you a more acoustic instrument-like experience. Modules can be configured using the editor software, with configurations being stored inside them. This means that you could easily swap them in and out without having to go through any additional setting up routine.

It's intriguing that one of the people behind the Joué is Pascal Joguet, previously of JazzMutant, which created the groundbreaking Lemur controller, which was later reborn as a mobile app. There are similarities here - like the Lemur, the Joué is customisable - but with the touchscreen replaced by a more tactile interface.

Joué is currently being prototyped. You can find out more and sign up for updates on the Joué website.

Ben Rogerson

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