Is this the first Apple Watch MIDI controller app?

Who needs to see more than five keys at a time anyway
Who needs to see more than five keys at a time anyway..?

Designed to "get your wrist rockin'", Watch Band is a new app that enables you to use your Apple Watch as a wireless MIDI controller.

Working in partnership with your iPhone and Core MIDI it promises to send MIDI data to your favourite music applications. It comes with guitar chord, drum pad, rhythm loop, mixer and '88-note' piano keyboard interfaces.

How useful all of this will be remains to be seen - we're still sceptical about the benefits of 'wrist control' - but FingerTaps says that it has plenty of future plans for Watch Band, including adding sensor controls and additional screen designs.

You can buy Watch Band now from the Apple App Store for £0.79/$0.99.

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