G-Sonique's FM Wave XR7 synth looks to the past and the future

FM Wave XR7 can do both vintage and futuristic sounds.
FM Wave XR7 can do both vintage and futuristic sounds.

FM synthesis is very much back in vogue these days, and G-Sonique's latest plugin promises to take it "to a brand new level".

FM Wave XR7 is designed to create both vintage and more futuristic synth sounds, and enables you not only to draw your own waveforms in real-time, but also to import computer-generated ones. There are multistage envelopes, filters and effects, and 87 presets come included to get you started.

A feature list is below, and you can find out more on the G-Sonique website. FM Wave XR7 is available now for PC in VST format, and currently costs €25 (regular price is €37). You can also download a demo.

G-Sonique FM Wave XR7

  • 3X real time wavedrawing oscillator with Save and Load function
  • 3X Multistage, multishape envelope with envelope pitch modulation and amplitude/volume modulation
  • FM1 and FM2 modulation + micromodulation
  • 2x Filters (serial)
  • 1x Analogue modeled low pass filter
  • 1x Virtual analog filter module, modeled after algorithms of hardware DSP chips (8 types of filters (G-Low pass, Low pass, 303 Low pass, High pass, G-High pass, Bandpass, G-Band pass, Peaking)
  • Multimode filter envelope
  • LFO with modulation of filter 1+2, Osc 1,2,3, (sine, saw, square, triangle, noise)
  • Distortion / Waveshaper - with parameters WX1, WX2, WX3 + normalization
  • D-Monizer special effect
  • Ping-pong delay: Delay, Feed, Mix knobs
  • Amplitude envelope
  • Preset manager with 87 presets: BASS (Classic FM bass presets), FX, Leads (Modern and classic vintage FM Leads and keys), Psy (Psytrance, Darkpsy, Hitech, Proggy presets - fx, short synths, pads, special effects, leads) Retro (classic retro FM vintage sounds, keys, leads) Sci-fi (sci-fi retro vintage to modern sounds, keys, FXs for movie music, videogame music etc.)
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