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Free VST/AU snare plugin samples cherry wood drum

We've seen a fair few plugins that are dedicated to creating kick drum sounds - now here's a free one that devotes itself to the snare.

VST4Free's Cherry Snare contains 208 24-bit/44.1kHz samples of a custom cherry wood snare drum. These were captured using five microphones, and you can mix the levels of each mic channel individually in the plugin. Each channel also comes with a Punch knob that can be used to sculpt transient sharpness, plus Release and Pan controls.

There are five stroke techniques, up to three velocity layers and up to five round-robin samples per layer. You can tune the snare to your liking, while the Vari-pitch control applies an LFO to the pitch to produce a variety of subtle and unrealistic variations.

Cherry Snare can be downloaded for free from the VST4Free website. It comes in 32/64-bit VST/AU formats for PC and Mac.