FREE VST/AU multieffect worth £50 – Tone2 Warmverb

When designing sounds, composing or mixing, there's nothing that kills your creative flow as quickly as having to trawl through a disorganised list of plugins in search for a particular effect - so it's vital that you have a wide range of high-quality tools to hand. With this in mind, we've teamed up with revered software developer Tone2 to bring you a huge collection of processors packed into a single power-plugin: Warmverb is here to supercharge your effects collection! Readers of Computer Music issue 234 get access to this excellent plugin, just for buying the magazine.

Warmverb (PC VST, 32- and 64-bit, Mac VST/AU 32-bit) is a multitalented multieffect stuffed with 31 powerful processors, including reverb, delay, distortion, pitch-based effects and more, making it an incredibly powerful sound design and mixing weapon for both beginners and professionals alike.

Load up to four effects at once via the four 'slots', flick through different effects on the fly to generate inspiring combinations, dial in screaming feedback, shape your signal with the global three-band EQ, and even blend each layer (or the main output) in parallel for ultimate mix control.

This is no cut-down version of Warmverb, either - this is the full Warmverb, as sold for £50! Be sure to see and hear it in action in our walkthroughs, Tutorial Files and video, and check out Tone2's website for more pro instruments and effects.

*Mac users should note that Warmverb only functions as a 32-bit Mac plugin. 64-bit users can still make use of a bit bridge in order to get the talents of Warmverb, though - we've included instructions in the magazine!


  • Reverb algorithms: Large, Small, Ultra, Reflect /, Reflect \, Reflect --
  • Delay: PingPong, PingPong Filter, Delay
  • Distortion: Tube Amp, Transistor, Presence, Hard Clip, Bitcrush, Waveshape, Aliaser
  • Modulation: Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Phaser, Enhance, Stereoizer
  • Transformation: Vocoder, Talkbox, Pitchshifter, Ringmod
  • Three-band EQ
  • Choice of signal routing between modules
  • Feedback and Mix sections

Tone2's plugin-making pedigree is huge, featuring the synths Icarus, Nemesis, Electra2, Saurus2, Gladiator2, RayBlaster and the free FireBird2. Check them all out on the Tone2 website.

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