FREE Amp Simulator VST/AU Plugin – U530 CM

Grab U530 CM with issue 237 of Computer Music
Grab U530 CM with issue 237 of Computer Music

There's nothing quite like the roar and fire of a raging guitar valve amp... nothing that is, except a state-of-the-art, next-level emulation, and that's exactly what you get for free with this month's Computer Music magazine! We've teamed up with the distortion-obsessed developers at Mercuriall to bring you U530 CM, a jaw-droppingly realistic guitar amp simulator plugin in VST, AU and AAX formats, and based on the full commercial Tube Amp Ultra 530 plugin.

Just like the full thing, U530 CM is based on Engl's versatile E530 preamp, with a two- channel design that can handle crystal-clear cleans, hard-rocking crunch, singing solos, and full-on high-gain distortion with ease. The plugin also includes a modelled valve power amp stage with presence control, lush stereo chorus, and a 4x12 cabinet simulator with adjustable mic position, dialled in using the graph-display or the individual sliders to set depth and position.

Just take a listen - we're sure you'll be floored by the astonishingly authentic sound belted out by your copy of U530 CM! Grab it now with issue 237.


  • Clean and Lead channels for different tone-shaping and grit characteristics
  • Cabinet emulation with positionable virtual mic
  • Frequency-sculpting EQ for both channels
  • Lo/Hi Gain switch
  • Power amp controls such as Presence and Master gain
  • Extra controls to activate such as Bright (clean channel) and Contour (Lead channel)
  • Chorus effect for special FX or stereo width
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