Elysia's mpressor gets squeezed into the 500 Series format

Elysia has announced that it is squeezing its creative compressor, the mpressor, into the space-friendly 500 Series format.

The new edition features the same extreme time constants, negative ratios, 'Anti Log' release, and Elysia's innovative gain reduction limiter from the full rackmountable version. However, a new feature of this 500 series module is the switchable THD Boost, allowing on-the-fly signal colouration and saturation effects capable of delivering a different, grittier flavour.

Making the move from 19" rack unit to lunchbox-friendly 500 Series isn't without its issues: "It's been a challenge to transfer such a sophisticated discrete design into the 500 series form factor," says Elysia Head of Development Ruben Tilgner. "But, after using and listening to the final version of the mpressor 500, we are truly pleased with what we have achieved."

The mpressor 500 is made in Germany, exclusively using top-quality components, gold-plated PCBs, a rugged 4mm aluminum front panel, and solid aluminum knobs.

It is available from any Elysia dealer now for $749.00 MAP ($805.00 MSRP). For more information, check out the Elysia website.

Simon Arblaster
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