Elton John iPod features 250 crystals

Bring some Elton-style bling into your musical life.
Bring some Elton-style bling into your musical life.

Elton John has followed in the footsteps of U2 by being honoured with his own special edition iPod, though this time, Apple isn't involved in the project

Featuring 250 colour-coordinated Swarovski crystals and Elton's signature, this pimped version of the iPod nano is available in 8GB and 16GB configurations and nine different colours. It's being produced by Goldgenie and comes pre-loaded with a copy of Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits.

At $565/$640, the 'EltPod' isn't exactly cheap, but it's worth bearing in mind that 12.5% of the purchase price goes to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. So if you buy one - orders can be placed on the Goldgenie website - you can be assured that you're contributing to a worthy cause.

The launch of the device got us thinking - which other musicians should get their own iPod models?

A purple, velvet-covered Prince version sounds like a winner (though, presumably, he'd only want it to be able to play music downloaded from his own website), and a red and white White Stripes player could also be a hit.

That said, given Jack White's distaste for all things digital, maybe a cassette-based Walkman would be more appropriate.

(Via Gizmodo)

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