Elektron Analog Keys: full specs revealed

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Elektron Analog Keys use it for performance or as the hub of your studio

Elektron Analog Keys: use it for performance or as the hub of your studio.

Elektron Analog Keys

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Angled rear view

Angled rear view.

Elektron Analog Keys

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The Analog Keys has a more boxy look than we first thought

The Analog Keys has a more 'boxy' look than we first thought.

Elektron Analog Keys

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CV Gate connectors sit alongside MIDI ones

CV/Gate connectors sit alongside MIDI ones.

Elektron Analog Keys

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Note the built in step sequencer

Note the built-in step sequencer.

Elektron Analog Keys

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37 notes of analogue loveliness

37 notes of analogue loveliness?

Elektron Analog Keys

Following a preview at the weekend, Elektron has now revealed the full specs of its new Analog Keys synth.

Following a similar sonic path to the acclaimed Analog Four, this flagship instrument is four-voice polyphonic and is said to represent "the pinnacle of analogue synthesis". There are 37 keys, a step sequencer, a performance mode that gives direct access to user-defined parameters, and a joystick that enables you to control up to 15 parameters and morph between sounds.

Analog Keys is also billed as a capable MIDI controller; shift it into this mode and you can use the built-in sequencer to trigger other instruments, including those with CV/Gate connectivity.

Other highlights include a 4-pole low-pass ladder filter and 2-pole multi-mode filter for each voice, an all-new effects section, and multiple modulation options.

The Analog Keys' specs are below - you can find out more on the Elektron website. It'll go on sale on 5 December priced at £1449/$1849/€1749.

Elektron Analog Keys specs

  • 100% analog signal path
  • Four voices, each with 2 analog oscillators, 2 sub-oscillators, dual analog filters, analog overdrive per voice
  • 37 key semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch
  • +Drive storage hosting up to 4096 Sounds (+Drive Sound Library)
  • Elektron sequencer with CV/Gate sequencing
  • Parameter assignable joystick
  • Extensive modulation possibilities
  • Supervoid Reverb, Saturator Delay, Wideshift Chorus send FX
  • Polyphonic, multitimbral, unison modes
  • Dedicated MIDI controller mode
  • 1x headphones output, 2X main outputs, 4x stereo separate track outputs
  • 2x audio inputs
  • MIDI IN/OUT/THRU with Din sync out
  • 2x dual CV/Gate outputs
  • USB 2.0 port
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