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Eiosis takes a fresh approach to de-essing

E2Deesser does de-essing differently, says Eiosis
E2Deesser does de-essing differently, says Eiosis

Eiosis is promising that its new E2Deesser plug-in represents an entirely new approach to the concept of de-essing. Based on a unique processing structure and algorithm, it enables sibilants within vocal tracks to be processed independently.

For the uninitiated, most de-essers are stripped-back multi/single band compressors that are driven by a filtered sidechain. E2Deesser differs from many of its rivals by keeping the detection process - which is said to be unusually powerful - separate from the processing.

Eiosis claims that another advantage E2Deesser is that it can perform its duties without reducing the overall brightness of your vocal. The developer also states that it can be used on a wide range of material or even over a whole mix.

To see examples of E2Deesser in action, check out the tutorial videos on the Eiosis website.

The native versions of E2Desser (RTAS and AU) cost €150. You can have these plus the TDM version for €300. All are Mac-only.