Dice iPod speaker worth a gamble?

We suspect that these dice won t roll properly
We suspect that these dice won't roll properly.

If conventional-looking iPod speaker systems aren't doing it for you, maybe Buffalo Japan's dice-shaped offering will.

This cubic device plugs directly into your Apple music player (the Shuffle is the only model that isn't supported) and outputs 1 Watt of sonic power. There's a built-in volume control, too (this should go from one to six, surely?).

The only problem is that the dice speaker is currently set for a Japan release only - it'll cost 2814 Yen ($33) when it's released their next month.

We'll have to wait and see if Buffalo decides to, ahem, take a chance on the product in other territories.

(Via Engadget, Newlaunches.com)

Dice ipod speaker

Dice ipod speaker