Dexter users get Lemur functionality free

Dexter users can now have Lemur functionality too!
Dexter users can now have Lemur functionality too!

JazzMutant has announced that owners of its Dexter controller can now have all the functionality of its Lemur controller as well. This is because of a new firmware upgrade that adds a Dual Mode to the Dexter hardware.

Both of JazzMutant's controllers feature a 12-inch 'multitouch' display, but they have different operating systems. Dexter is designed specifically as a DAW controller (Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo and Sonar are all supported), whereas Lemur is a more flexible device that can be configured to control any MIDI- or OSC-compliant software or hardware.

Once Dual Mode has been installed, you can simply choose whether you want Dexter or Lemur functionality when you boot up the controller.

The upgrade is a free one for all Dexter owners, while Lemur owners can get it for €390. All new Dexters now have Lemur and Dexter functionality out-of-the-box.

You can find out more about Dual Mode and the differences between the two controllers on the JazzMutant website.