Denon DJ tweaks its Engine and releases version 1.5

Denon DJ owners, start your engines.
Denon DJ owners, start your engines.

Denon DJ has updated its music management software Engine to version 1.5.

The main purpose of the update is to optimise Engine for use with Denon DJ's latest flagship hardware controller, the MCX8000, which launched at this year's NAMM. However, the software is still compatible with older controllers, such as the SC2900 and S3900.

One of they key highlights of this point update is the option to import Serato DJ hotcues directly. You can drag any track with stored hotcue information from Serato into Engine, and the hotcues will also work in MCX8000's standalone mode.

Other key highlights include Color Waveforms, which help you better visually identify percussive elements and other sonic frequencies inside your music; Key Filtering, which gives you the ability to filter your collection by the Key information stored in the track's metadata; and super-fast file analysis with the Auto Analyze function.

The software is both Mac- and PC-compatible and is available to download now. To get Engine 1.5 and find out more information, head over to the Denon DJ website.

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