Delight Delay freeware effect released for NI Reaktor

Delight Delay: is there an echo in here?
Delight Delay: is there an echo in here?

A new freeware delay effect for Native Instruments Reaktor has appeared this week, by the name of Delight Delay - courtesy of developer Bosomac.

A pattern-based delay controlled by a sequencer, Delight Delay offers a central display through which users can set the level and filtering rehearsals, and so draw a pattern. Repetitions can be set up to a factor of 15, while the tempo stretches between 1/4 and 1/32. Stereo/mono and blend options are also available.

Says Bosomac: "[The effect is] very easy to use. This delay grooves with guitars, runs with synths, installs synchronized vibes and many other things."

Delight Delay is free and available to download now from Bosomac online.