Deaf jam: first rock gig for the hearing-impaired

The gig will give the hearing impaired a chance to experience live music
The gig will give the hearing-impaired a chance to experience live music.

Bands including Fox Jaws, Hollywood Swank and the Dufraines will play a gig with a difference on 5 March, for it'll be specifically designed for the hearing-impaired.

The landmark event will take place at a club in Toronto, and is being organised by Ryerson University's Centre of Learning Technology and the Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology Lab.

They're doing it to draw attention to their Emoti-Chairs, each of which contains a computer that's capable of translating audio material into physical action. Thus, those sitting in the chairs will be moved, vibrated or even blasted in the face with air - it all depends on the music.

Concert goers will also be able to follow the gig via open captioning, interpreters and music visualisation.

We certainly like the idea of being able to 'feel' music rather than listen to it. In fact, being beaten around the head by a Nickelback CD would be infinitely preferable to hearing it played.

(Via The Guardian)