Check out updated iPad Live controller touchAble 2 in action

Version 2 of Ableton Live controller app touchAble is coming soon, and in the video above, which was shared by the developer earlier this week, we get our first look at the app in action- and it looks great!

The new version of touchAble - which turns the iPad touchscreen into a tactile controller mapped to Live's various views and devices - brings with it a revamped engine and interface. There are also new Chord and Drum sequencing modes, which look as if they've been designed to rival the playability of Ableton's own hardware controller Push.

According to the developer, touchAble 2 introduces:

  • Complete rebuild of the app
  • New and faster Engine
  • New Graphic interface
  • New server
  • New Template editor module: build your own controllers pages
  • New Midi editor/ step sequencer
  • New Isomorphic keyboard
  • New Step Sequencer with Chord & Drum modes
  • New Browser lets access to your library
  • Complete rebuild of XY pad module
  • Hundreds of new features, change and improvements

The app will be compatible with all versions of Live 8 and Live 9, and with every generation of iPad.

touchAble 2 will be a free update to users of the current version, which can be bought from the App Store now.

Si Truss

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