Carbon is a standalone sequencer and performance system

Billed as a sequencer, performance control system and USB interface, Carbon is a new multi-faceted piece of hardware from Kilpatrick Audio that promises to change the way you create.

First, there's that sequencer: this is pattern-based and offers six tracks, each of which can hold 64 steps. These can be generated in a variety of ways (randomly, or recorded from a MIDI keyboard in real or step time, for example), while the Pattern control enables you to vary sequences by enabling/disabling different steps.

You can also switch between different parts of a song or variations using scenes, and all recording and editing can be done in real-time without stopping the sequencer.

Carbon is also a MIDI switching/routing system that enables you to send your keyboard signal to MIDI and analogue instruments - there are two MIDI outputs and an analogue section that offers four CV/gate outputs as well as reset and clock signals. There's a keyboard split option, too (you can send your right hand to one instrument and your left to another, for example), plus an internal arpeggiator.

It's worth noting, too, that Carbon can power USB class-compliant devices so that they can send MIDI CV/gate signals to any other device without the need for a computer, but when you do have it hooked up to your PC or Mac, it can be used as an interface so that MIDI and analogue CV ports can be accessed from within your DAW.

Carbon is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign - a pledge of $619 will get you one of the first batch of units that's expected in April/May 2016. Find out more on the Kilpatrick Audio website.

Ben Rogerson

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