Can you complete iZotope's free 'gamified' online audio training course?

Learning how to operate the nuts and bolts of your DAW and plugins is one thing, but you'll never be able to produce the music of your dreams if you don't have some core 'audio skills' as well.

This is where iZotope's new Pro Audio Essentials course comes in. A free web-based educational experience, this uses a combination of audio games, ear training and instructional videos to teach you about subjects including compression, EQ, and the basics of digital audio.

As you run through the course you're presented with a series of challenges. The idea is that you keep practising and develop skills that will help when you're recording, mixing and mastering.

Pro Audio Essentials was designed by Jonathan Wyner, iZotope's Director of Education. "We were eager to evolve the current landscape of audio education to help shift the balance from passive learning to active learning on foundational topics like EQ," he says. "We challenged ourselves to develop an online resource that's both interactive and engaging, so our community can not only learn by doing, but genuinely enjoy themselves along the way."

You can start working through the course on the iZotope Pro Audio Essentials website. For best results, it's recommended that you use a desktop computer and either studio monitors or headphones.

Ben Rogerson

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