Can Acon Digital's "Automatic EQ" plugin fix your mix?

Could DeFilter help to de-stress the mixing process?
Could DeFilter help to de-stress the mixing process?

For some, the Holy Grail of music production is a plugin that will automatically mix your music. But while such a processor is still some way off (we think), Acon Digital has come up with DeFilter, an "Automatic EQ" plugin that promises to "even out tonal imbalances in a mix or reduce resonant peaks or dips in the frequency spectrum".

DeFilter is designed to be used prior to mastering (you've still got to mix the track yourself), and offers 'matched equalisation' to a reference signal. It's said to be capable of dealing with nasty comb filter effects, and also of reducing resonances caused by untreated rooms.

You can tweak the plugin to taste before you apply it, specifying which frequency ranges you want DeFilter to go to work on (other frequency regions will remain untouched). There are realtime frequency analysers for both the input and output signals.

Find out more on the Acon Digital website, where a demo is available and DeFilter can be purchased for $99.90. It's available in 32/64-bit VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac.

Ben Rogerson
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