Build your own 909-style drum machine for less than £300

Nava-oh yeah!
Nava-oh yeah!

While we can all agree that Roland's trip down memory lane with the Aira TR-8 meant only good things for lovers of the TR series (which is pretty much everyone), it's not the same as the original, is it?! Well, now there's a new kid on the block in the form of the Nava, a near-faithful recreation of the TR-909 that you have to build yourself. Let the fun commence.

Vincent Heckel of e-licktronic fame is already making a name for himself with the Yocto, a DIY clone of Roland's TR-808, and now he has turned his attentions to the 909 with the newly released Nava.

The Nava kit includes as much of the 909's original componentry as possible, and even offers some enhancements. These include an improved sequencer featuring four playback modes: forward, backward, ping-pong and random.

The kit comes complete with schematic and components. Everything you need except the power supply, which you will have to source yourself. Just be sure to polish up your soldering skills, as this is one project you will not want to get wrong.

The Nava retails for €319 excluding tax, and while it is currently sold out, the hope is more will be available soon. For more information and to register for updates on availability, check out the e-licktronic website.

In the meantime, be sure to check back with us on MusicRadar as we hope to have a time lapse build video and review of the Yocto soon.

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