Benny Benassi tells you how to create a dance anthem

Benny Benassi: anthemic dance is his stock in trade.
Benny Benassi: anthemic dance is his stock in trade.

Best known for his 2002 smash hit Satisfaction, Benny Benassi's hit-making credentials are beyond reproach.

Now, in an interview with our sister magazine Future Music, the Italian producer/DJ has revealed his top tips for creating a dance anthem.

"Don't stress over genres and influences," says Benassi, pointing out that "club music can be a bassline and a kick". The Milan native also advises that you should "Keep your chord changes simple and use the chords in the root position".

So, steer clear of those jazzy inverted sevenths, y'hear?

Benny's final tip is that you should "Test your tracks in clubs and don't be content with them until you turn your dancefloor totally inside out".

To read the full interview with Benny Benassi and his production partner Alle Benassi - and see exclusive video of them working in the studio - check out the October issue of Future Music (FM205), which is on sale now.

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