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Barack Obama to get support from Thereminists?

Yes yes, very clever...
Yes yes, very clever...

With the US Presidential election on a knife-edge, Democratic candidate Barack Obama needs all the votes he can get, and a selection of button badges on his party's website indicate that he's keen to secure the support of musicians of all persuasions.

Predictably, you'll find Guitar Collectors For Obama and Bass Guitars For Obama buttons for sale, but we were surprised to see one that enables Thereminists to show the world that they're backing Barack. Lovers of Moog synths also have the opportunity to show their badge-based support.

Even more bizarrely, you can order a Closet Rock Fans for Obama button, which appears to show Condoleezza Rice mocked up in Kiss-style make-up. Now that's just weird.

Our favourite piece of Obama merchandise, though, has to be the T-Shirt that features his name emblazoned across the front in an AC/DC logo stylee. Class.

(Via Synthtopia)