Audiobus shares version 2.0 preview

Back in September when Apple launched iOS 7 - and with it Inter App Audio - Audiobus teased us with the promise that a major overhaul was in the pipeline. Now, a year to the day since the audio sharing app was first released, we get our first glimpse of Audiobus 2.0.

In the video above, which the developer shared on its own forums earlier today, we get our first look at the app's redesigned interface. While version 2's specific feature set is yet to be revealed, Audiobus tell us that version two "will be capable of running as many apps in parallel or in series as your device can handle."

This will be available via an in-app purchase, that will allow "multiple, independent pipelines with as many inputs, filters or outputs as you like in each."

The developer has also confirmed that it will be possible to save Audiobus setups as presets, and even share these via email or social networks.

Audiobus 2.0 is expected to arrive early 2014. For more info and screenshots, head over to the Audiobus forum.

Si Truss

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