Audiobus reveals release details

The developers behind Audiobus have confirmed that the potentially revolutionary audio-routing iOS app will be released 10 December.

Posting on their official blog, Audiobus confirmed the release date, along with the app's price: $9.99/£7.99. The post also reveals the list of third party apps that will support Audiobus at release:

  • Funkbox (input slot)
  • JamUp XT (effects slot)
  • JamUp Pro XT (effects slot)
  • Loopy (input and output slot)
  • Loopy HD (input and output slot)
  • MultiTrack DAW (output slot)
  • NLog MIDI Synth (input, effects and output slot)
  • NLog Synth PRO (input, effects and output slot)
  • Rebirth for iPad (input slot)
  • SoundPrism Pro (input slot)
  • Sunrizer Synth for iPad (input slot)

The post goes on to promise that support for Thumbjam and Drumjam should follow shortly after launch, with Auria and Animoog compatibility not far behind.

A second wave of supported apps will follow after that, then Audiobus hopes to be able to make the app's SDK public in the next few months.

For more info check out the post on the official Audiobus site.

Si Truss

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