Arturia unveils iSEM synth for iPad

Following the success of its first iOS app, the Minimoog emulating iMini, which was released back in February, French developer Arturia has unveiled a second iPad synth.

Again, iSEM is a digital recreation of a hardware classic, this time the dual-oscillator Oberheim SEM subtractive synth. As with iMini, iSEM takes its synth engine from Arturia's existing plugin SEM emulation, which is based around the company's True Analog Emulation technology.

The app features the same basic subtractive design as the hardware it's based on, with two oscillators, a filter section, a pair of envelopes and an LFO. It also features a handful of more up-to-date sound shaping tool, including a mod matrix, FX section, arpeggiator and Voice Programmer, which can be used to recreate the thicker sound of Oberheim's later four- and eight-voice SEMs.

iSEM is Audiobus, Wist and Core MIDI compatible, and has been designed with iOS 7's Inter-App Audio in mind.

You can buy iSEM from the App Store now, priced at £6.99/$9.99.

Si Truss

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