American Audio VMS 4.1 Digital Work Station

DJ EXPO 2013: The VMS4.1 (Velocity MIDI station) is a 4-Channel "MIDILOGTM" controller that fuses both Midi (Midi software) and analog audio control (CD Players, turntables etc.) into one unit.

The VMS4.1 is an open source controller that can be used with any Midi audio software titles (with Midi Learn feature) via it's built-in USB port. The solid work- manship of the VMS4 makes it durable for the demanding mobile or club professional.

The VMS4.1 features American Audio's signature "Velocity" touch- sensitive jog wheels, a full-function mouse pad, Midi assignable touch strips and high-quality channel and crossfaders.

This all-in-one unit has all the features found on top-of-the-line professional mixer as well, such as: Balanced XLR outputs, Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass for each MidilogTM channel, crossfader assign and curve, and 2 Microphone Inputs with Treble, Mid and Bass control.

For more information, visit the official American DJ website